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(Rubus ideaus L.)

Raspberry fruit a is juicy and aromatic berry fruit that refreshes. Its colour is red, it is very soft, berries react to pressure and are easy to perish. The quantity of 100 g has 26 calories, and contains 0.9 g of protein and 5.5 g of carbohydrates, fat-free. Raspberries belong to the healthiest foods. They have an abundance of antioxidants (10 times more than tomatoes, several times more than broccoli and kiwi).

Berries contain about 80% of juice having about 2% of malic and citric acid, a little formic acid, fruit sugar, minerals (mostly iron), vitamins (C and E), tannin and pectin. Raspberry has a maximum value as crude, but is used as dried and frozen as well. It is important for making syrups, juices, jellies and candied fruit. Raspberry juice has a harmonious united degree of acidity, mineral ingredients and colloidal structure, like no other fruit juice. It is attributed with her dietary and medicinal properties. It may be used by diabetics. From raspberry syrup with the addition of a double amount of wine vinegar, raspberry vinegar is prepared, with pleasant aroma and colour. Raspberry is also attributed with an aphrodisiac effect.

Medicinal properties: vitamins affect inflammation, strengthen the immune and circulatory system. Iron participates in the construction of blood. Pectin opens the appetite, improves digestion, affects the bowel and biliary tract.

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