About us

About us

We were founded in 2016 as a continuation of the family tradition of production in the food industry.

In 2015 our company “Dule Agrar” decides to invest in a new business area. The headquarters of our company are located in the territory with the largest area of arable land, as well as the land suitable for fruit growing, it was logical to stay in the food industry sector. So we decided to start production of raspberries.

To this end, using the same supplier’s database, in 2016, the necessary soil analysis was completed and the first plantations were erected, using the most up-to-date agro-technical measures.

We planted varieties Vilamet and Miker (in relation 70/30 in favor of Vilamet). Our fruits are treated immediately and we use the most modern Thermo Key and Thermo King refrigerators. We freeze it at -27 degrees Celsius in the so-called “shock tunnels”.Our fruit is properly frozen in less than twelve hours.

In parallel with the plantations, a new business facility was built, within which:

  • administrative part: offices, dining room, toilets, wardrobe for employees
  • refrigerator capacity 600 tons
  • two tunnel coolers with a capacity of 10 and 6 tons
  • space for processing fruit (and vegetables) of approx. 400 m2
  • measuring scale
  • our own substation

28. May 2017, the refrigerator was commissioned and the first quantities of raspberries were purchased

For now, we process raspberries and our products are Roland, Bruh, and Griz standard.

We decided to subsidize individually raspberry producers by donating raspberry seedlings as well as providing professional and professional help in breeding, as well as at the best prices to redeem their yields.

We were based exclusively on exports and for now the EU market is not available and we are also planning to export to other markets outside the EU.

We are also planning to expand the capacity of the refrigerator and buy strawberries of mixed varieties and Zenge as well as purchase and processing of all kinds of peppers.

This comprehensive job aims to rebuild the village and encourage individual agricultural producers to expand their capacities and to have a safe and stable market when raspberries are concerned.